Where do I start?

Is there a fee to become a eBA Reseller?

No. There is no application or program fee.

Is there a required revenue commitment?

Yes, there are performance requirements. Please contact the eBA Reseller Team for more information at   sales@bimsereurope.com

How much is the commission for the Partner?

Partners make commission on license sales and a recurring commission on annual maintenance fees. Partners may charge a premium for eBA implementation and process-build fees, as well as premium support. For detailed information, please contact us.

What are the obligations for resellers?

We require resellers to attend detailed product training, demonstrate proficiency in marketing and selling the eBA platform, represent eBA professionally, and generate business with eBA.

Resellers are also required to install and configure the eBA platform, provide customer training, and provide first-level support.

Is there a certification process for becoming a reseller?

Yes. In order to become a certified reseller, your organization needs to have a minimum of one certified implementation/support consultant on staff.

Effective eBA resellers have the following characteristics:

  • Sell and/or Implement enterprise solutions
  • Familiar with ERP or ECM solutions
  • Have an existing customer base, and their customers have one or more offices,
  • Customers have one or more offices and at least 100 employees

What sales enablement resources does Bimser provide for resellers?

Bimser provides a variety of sales and technical training resources: new partner marketing, sales and technical training kick-off workshops, dedicated sales and presales support for the first 3 qualified opportunities to name a few. Bimser will closely assist with the first 2 eBA implementations. Live demo and POC-build assistance, a reseller partner portal for management of leads and customers, free demo accounts, sales and marketing collateral, etc.

Will I get paid for sales referrals? What is the commission rate for referrals?

Yes. If a business partner prefer to refer business to Bimser (i.e. not handle pre-sales, implementation, and first-line support for customers), he will earn commission on each referred sale. Simply select the “Referral Partner” option on the partner registration form.

How is eBA better than competition?

eBA delivers powerful enterprise content management platform at the lowest TCO.

How can I try the eBA product?

Register for a free trial. In addition, every approved eBA reseller receives a copy of the eBA software free of charge and Bimser will collaborate on automating one or more internal partner processes on eBA platform.

How do I register my leads and opportunities?

Registered business partners register their leads and opportunities through the eBA PartnerPortal using a customized sign-up URL.

How can I access the eBA marketing collateral?

Reseller marketing and sales collateral is available through the eBA Partner Portal.

How do I get support for the eBA product?

All support requests are initiated through the submission of a support ticket through the eBA Support Portal.

How do I add my branding to the eBA product?

The branding options are explained during the reseller kick-off meeting.

When will I get paid for the sales referral commission?

Your commissions are paid net 30 days after Bimser’s receival of customer licensing fees.

Will I have a dedicated reseller manager?

Yes you will have a dedicated account manager.