Fenerbahçe Sports Club Success Story




Managing the organization became more difficult as the Fenerbahce sport club was growing. The Club has over 50.000 members, 1200 staffs and over 2000 atheletes. Also the club become holding so it has 8 active companies. The budget increased from 21 million dollars to 350 million dollars. Another key element is sustainability. The Sport club

was prioritize sustainability. On the other hand, operations were on a distributed and decentralized structure. The companies did business separately and the branches of sports had entirely independent operations.


Ensemble Process Management System has implemented and workflows, inputs, outputs, responsibilities, authorizations, critical success factors and Documents have reviewed one by one and discussions have provided with process owners of total 8 companies and branches of sports.

3000 workflows have been implemented in 9 months.


Related personnel and executives can easily have access to all business analyzes. The entire club, including facilities, personnels and athletes can have access to this intranet system. It is able to logon to this intranet system with ENSEMBLE Single Sign-On and have access to documents based on authorities. For example, the head of financial affairs can sign on and monitor all processes related to financial affairs. Organizational memory of the club has been established. It becomes easy to explain the processes to the managers and popularize them among the managers thanks to authorizations and easy menus.

Moreover, workflows helped a lot for the conceptual designs.

This allowed completing ERP system very quickly. SAP project has completed in 5 months for Futbol a.ş. and in 8 months for other companies.