eBA GENPA Success Story

About Client

Having started to act as a commerce center in 1978, GENPA belongs to the group company ERDEM GROUP that has been operating under the guidance of Dr. Zeynel Abidin Erdem since 1965. The brand opened its doors to communication world with the arrival of GSM technology to Turkey in 1993. A pioneer in distribution of technological products, services and innovations, GENPA Telecommunication maintains its leadership position in the group.


Customer View

Apart from wholesale/retail sale and distribution of Nokia and Samsung mobile phones and their accessories for which it is the Turkey distributor, GENPA also provides, in cooperation with Turkcell, the import, wholesale and retail sale, distribution and technical services of Apple iPhone, iPad and their accessories. Also operating in chain stores under Genpatech brand, GENPA also provides distribution of Turkcell campaign phones, sale of Turkcell minutes, sale of SIM card and Spare SIM card as Turkcell distributor. As a company serving under a wide range, it is highly important to measure and control processes. During the researches for performing systematical measurement, a series of solutions mainly foreign were inspected and it was decided to use eBA because it is a domestic solution, has visual modeling capacity and structure open to integration and development. During an approximate period of 2 years approval processes run through e-mails have been worked on and over 20 processes for Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Logistics, CRM, and Legal functions for all areas listed above have been transferred to electronic environment. The greatest benefit is to see which phase of the process you are at with a single action and the alarm system for stuck processes. From the developers’ point of view it has reduced the time required to transfer a process to electronic environment by 3/4 and have created significant man/day savings. Considering the fact that after sales services are far more important than actual sales, Bimser have accelerated the processes by rapidly responding to requests from Genpa and created an advantage in costs and more importantly time in use of internal resources with the development environment it provided to companies. The function of triggering processes from external applications is one of the most important functions of eBA and in processes in other applications outside eBA that run company operations can communicate with eBA bilaterally. Importance of mobile environment is evident in our day. With mobile environment support eBA enables running processes over mobile devices. We thank Bimser Çözüm for their sales and after sales support in eBA application as well as their domestic contribution to the software sector.

Özalp Ahmet TIK Information Technologies and Management Information Systems Director




Genpa were experiencing some interruptions on interactions between the company processes and it is required to be in an environment where business is mainly based on communication because competition was heating up.



The company started to use eBA as a Business Process Management application to support ERP applications, known as corporate resource planning applications, this makes the company enabled to use contemporary technologies for managing processes online and digitalizing them.



Almost 100 processes are already available on digital environment with eBA in Genpa organization.General applications such as Finance, Law Logistics, Accounting,Customer Relations Center; Genpa has the capacity to manage everything from business card request to expense form and travel request on electronic environment. The company currently has the advantage of using Bimser medias in their processes on mobile devices