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Commodity Exchanges are public legal entities founded to engage in sale and purchase of commodities included in the stock exchange (agricultural and animal products, including those processed) as well as determining, registering and declaration of prices created in the stock exchange. With these features, Commodity Exchanges need to fulfill functions of creating an effectively working market mechanism, determining true value of commodities, providing stability in price movements, making sales and purchases over reliable prices and establishing balance between domestic and global markets.


As we used and acquainted with QDMS we became more proficient with it. Our error risk diminished as documents were automatically monitored.

Özlem KocabıyıkoğluHuman Resources Quality and Training Director


Quality Management


We were using a software developed by Information Technologies Department within the scope of Quality Management System before we met Bimser Çözüm. As activities under this scope developed our software started to fall behind. Transfer of documents to the system, cancellation, revision of documents and loading reports to the system created a risk of erring owing also to the fact that we were understaffed. We were following our works manually. We would either improve the software or purchase a new software that would automatically monitor the works we do.


Meeting our corporate needs, automatically registered system monitoring and strong references of the company led us to prefer Bimser Çözüm. We met with warm and close interest from the company officials during the implementation process. Due to workload and being in summer our four staff took trainings in turns. We started to transfer all present documents in the Quality Management System Portal we used to the new system. It was a hard and problematic process for us. Because we were to undergo an audit in November 2014 to obtain TOBB Accreditation Document. Since accreditation would be built on ISO 9001 Quality Management System our time was limited. We had to do more work with few staff. We worked hard, struggled, got support from company officials when we were stuck and succeeded. We can easily do transactions that seemed hard during our inexperience.


QDMS is Reported as “Good Practice Example” for our Stock Exchange We found Bimser Çözüm upon internet searches. We were saved from using our Quality Management System manually and new system provided convenience in revising documents, cancellation of documents, uploading new documents to the system, receiving training requests through the system, conducting personnel surveys, inputting process performance indicator values and automated reporting. Furthermore, all our documents were quickly and efficiently audited over QDMS system in a controlled manner in electronic environment during ISO 9001 audit without paper waste. We received the support from Bimser Çözüm Officials Whenever We needed Upon 4-5 months of hard work the system finally went online. We experienced troubles caused by inexperience. Since it coincided with the summer period and we had limited time the training could not be generalized. We had difficulties adapting to the system in the first stage because limited number of staff underwent training. We needed support and aid of Bimser Çözüm. Personnel assigned by the company provided all the support we needed in time. As we used and acquainted with QDMS we became more proficient with it. Our error risk diminished as documents were automatically monitored. Our first goal was to undergo Accreditation and ISO 9001 renewal audits effectively. We achieved that goal. During the Accreditation audit, QDMS System was reported as “Good Practice Example” for our Stock Exchange. Implementation process and practice team was warm, genial, sincere and informed and efficient in solving our problems.