ORKA BANYO eBA Success Story

About Client

ORKA®, founded with the aim of construction products’ sales in 1992 and then redirecting its field to bathroom furniture based on the need in this sector to provide qualified services preferred to specialize in this sector with its all experience and background and progress with confident steps to become a global brand. ORKA Ahşap ve Yapı Ürünleri Sanayi Anonim Şirketi, besides its expertise in manufacturing elegant and functional furniture since 1994, ORKA® continues leading the sector with its original designs, affluent product variety, the latest technology in production systems, and service comprehension in quality and after sales.

Website: www.orkabanyo.com

“Companies using eBA are those that have determined their strategic goals, see the future and add to its value.”

Serving in its sector since 1992 and achieving the status of largest “Bathroom Furniture Manufacturer” of Turkey, ORKA® Banyo Mobilyaları continues production in 50 thousand m2 outdoor and 20 thousand m2 indoor area. ORKA® Banyo makes high quality production and uses raw materials compliant with world standards. ORKA® Banyo products have international ISO 9001, ISO 10002, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates and complies with these standards. These quality documents are granted by TUV NORD. Reaching consumers with 302 sales points in 70 provinces in Turkey, ORKA® Banyo also serves industry leader companies in 44 countries globally. ORKA® Banyo design, P&D and R&D team follows global developments and trends to design original, sophisticated and value creating products. It provides 120 different models and various color alternatives to customers within this scope. Additionally it provides special storage solutions for living spaces and products specific to “Projects”. ORKA® Banyo conducts just in time dispatch all around the world with its internal professional logistics services.

“Acting with the vision of becoming a globally sought brand, our company provides high quality products and services to our consumers in the fastest and most reliable manner. Because our business processes run at different locations we experienced setbacks and time losses in advancing processes and procedures. We met eBA in June 2012. It didn’t take long to implement the system. In a short span of 7 months we started running the system integrated to our ERP system. By the end of August 2014 we are able to run and monitor main processes of our Human Resources, Information Technologies, R&D, P&D, Administrative Affairs, Production, Purchasing, Quality System, Domestic Sales, Foreign Sales, Dispatching and Financial Affairs Departments through eBA. Flexible use of eBA in interactive processes saved us time in system development. We improved our 62 forms with 47 processes over eBA. We improved our reporting system using eBA where ERP system was insufficient.

Our aim is to transfer all processes to electronic environment by the end of August 2015 and to run decision mechanisms of processes tied to rules. Within this respect, close support and attention of Bimser Çözüm company provides vital support in development of work flows. We are extremely confident that we will achieve successful results with the added support from our top management in these processes.”

Caner ALİCANInformation Technology Leader




It was at a level that could be monitored by e-mails, excel tables and the software ORKA used but It was required a system offering a more interactive process that can provide monitor and give answers of questions such as which department, which stage and how the pace can be picked up when there is an interruption.



eBA has been implemented that monitors business with much faster processes.



The advantages of the solution are creating corporate memory, creating database, creating document archive and the most important value added is the ability to monitor processes and quickly analysis of the data thanks to automated reports.



ORKA had an in-house software team. After work analysis is performed, it is recognized that the requests received and requests emerged would take much more time than normal software development process.

It would have to do it with a bigger ERP. Existing ERP was not wanted to lose and thus it is required to implement a system that could integrate both of it.



A large number of processes and reports were written and implemented on eBA in a very short period of time.



Currently, there are 162 processes, and this allowed ORKA to archive data analysis and documents of the meetings to create and implement corporate memory. 140 reports are automatically sent to people and these reports help employees significantly in managing their business and achieving their targets.



ORKA did not have a data collection and retrospective archiving system. So, it could not be provided sufficient data with their existing environment.



Data obtained from ERP, other staff attendance control system software and CRM were delivered to the related parties 7 times a day; these were check out reports, table reports, technical reports and improvement activity reports.



ORKA was able to solve automated reporting system with this process on eBA that could not be done so on ERP. It is started to send out daily 140 reports to the users. This is one of the reasons why eBA is important for the company because personnel who stayed every evening after seven o’clock and worked on sales report for one and half an hour started to send the report only within 5 seconds because of ERP integration.