Société Générale

Société Générale

Operating in Turkey since 1989 Société Générale started granting consumer credits at the end of 2007 with KrediVer brand.

We started to search for a process automation where we could monitor relevant processes online in order to improve the monitoring and follow up of individual loan processes that create the backbone of our operation. When we sought an application that can enable us to respond quickly and flexibly in the management of credit demands, which are the main operation of our company, we chose eBA solution of Bimser. On the eBA application we decided after long researches, we can monitor the work load of Credit Evaluation team and additionally the work load can be automatically balanced between team members using the implemented smart system. It is evident that evaluating and controlling credit applications quickly in the highly competitive finance sector is vital. In this respect, eBA, with its high integration capacity, has enabled the evaluation team quickly evaluate credits on a single screen by gathering data from operational systems such as main banking system in France, SGK and EGM.

We achieved customer satisfaction with rapid responses to credit demands in a very dense system where thousands of credit applications are made within a day. The success we achieved with eBA led to using eBA system in improving all business processes we follow over documents within the whole company and works have commenced on other business processes.

Tolga AYKAÇProcess and Quality Management Director

About Client

SG CIB Turkey is one of the foreign banks with the longest history in Turkey. The bank started its operational activity in 1990 and soon became a leading partner for large corporates and financial institutions.




Loan approvals


One of its subsidiaries needed a faster and more efficient way to check consumer loan requests, a process involving nearly 100 steps. The as-is process was taking on average 20 minutes and required many manual steps for operations users to complete.


eBA workflow and document management solutions were implemented to automate all the process steps involved in evaluating and approving consumer loan requests. Due to different SLAs in terms of response time governing various types of loans requested, different rules had to be set-up depending on the type of loan requested. eBA also needed to be integrated with 7 different external databases to pull relevant information for loan evaluation.

Time to Implement

> 160 hours


eBA saved Société Générale significant time and money by reducing by 50% the loan evaluation and approval processes. Operational costs decreased 60% because eBA enabled more loan processes per day with fewer operations users. And customer satisfaction doubled as a result of faster loan decisions.