The Marmara Collection

The Marmara Hotels BOYSWEB Facility Management Success Story

About Client

One of the best known hotel chains in Turkey, The Marmara Collection are actively involved in tourism since 1978. The Marmara Collection, boast a total of 5 hotels, The Marmara Taksim, The Marmara Pera, The Marmara Şişli, The Marmara Antalya, The Marmara Bodrum and the most prestigious event venue in the country Esma Sultan Mansion.


Customer View

The Marmara Collection uses eBA WorkFlow solution since second half of 2010 with over 400 users in 5 hotels and 3 residences. It has been once more ascertained that we made the right choice by choosing eBA rather than other international product families we have examined in the same period, considering the quick responses of Bimser to our development requests and their close attention in the period we started working with Bimser for over two years.

In the first 4 months we started using eBA we had 9 forms. The following year we had 20 and now we are actively using flows over 50 forms actively through the company. As a nice improvement we are proud to implement flows that require wet signature (leave form, payroll, etc.) in the second half of 2012 (which will be a first in Turkey) with “Electronic Signature Integration” (TurkTrust) tested by Bimser in The Marmara Family.

We are developing over 30 forms added to eBA, which is used integratedly with Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 TheMarmara.Net portal and IK management system Genom, ourselves in The Marmara Technology department.

Achieving this level was only possible thanks to the manager trainings we received from experienced technical staff of Bimser and their partners.

We thank Bimser Çözüm family for creating an opportunity to develop and implement a software with internal resource use in Turkey and enabling us to succeed in becoming the first hotel chain to start using GreenFlow (as we call it) in Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Barış TOPUZLUInformation Technologies Director