Turkish DO&CO

About Client

TURKISH DO&CO is a catering company founded as a THY and DO&CO partnership in 2007, currently serving approximately 60 airlines along with THY. Apart from catering service to airlines, it also runs Event Catering, Airport Restaurants and Business Class Launch operations.

Website: www.doco.com

Customer View

Our company is using eBA system since 2010. Many business processes previously run on paper before eBA have been transferred to eBA and are currently being run on paper-free environment with tools the users are accustomed to with Active Directory and Exchange integration.

Currently workforce demand and performance management processes are run on eBA in HR department. Investment monitoring process, purchasing process, material feedback process and stationery request processes in Purchasing Department has been implemented. Feedback processes of our “flying chef” program providing in plane service to business class passengers of THY Long Distance flights, which is a major operation, is done on eBA environment.

We plan to implement new processes into the system within 2012, including eBA-HR and eBA-ERP integrations using web services.

We thank Bimser for providing such a convenient and domestic software to the sector.

M. Alpaslan DoğusanIT Director