The first thing to impress us was the more successful, clear and simple user interface compared to other competitors. Other features that were attractive to us were person or group based printing/viewing authority identified for documents and instant forwarding of revisions to the departments in the distribution list.

Ayşegül İLKENTAPARBusiness Development Unit Manager

About Client

The foundation for the leading fashion brand of Turkey, Vakko, was laid in 1934 by Vitali Hakko with a small milliner named “Şen Şapka”. When Vitali Hakko started printed cloth and scarf production in 1938 with the understanding “to produce the best for the customers demanding the best”, “Şen Şapka” was renamed as Vakko. It introduced a brand new phenomenon of “Modern Retailing” to the Turkish clothing world with the first Vakko store opened in Beyoğlu in 1962. Apart from being the largest store opened until that day, Vakko Beyoğlu also pioneered high quality, luxury clothing and superior customer satisfaction as new concepts. Vakko Beyoğlu introduced its customers contemporary practices such as bargaining-free purchase, regular discounts, replacement and return of sold merchandise for the first time. In 1968 famous Vakko factory was built in Merter with 36 thousand m2 total and 29 thousand m2 indoor area. When it failed to meet the demand Vakko moved its factory in Merter to Esenyurt in November 2008 and started Vakko Production Center. In 2010 it moved its head office to Vakko Fashion Center it built in Nakkaştepe. Vakko Fashion Center was awarded four different international prizes with its special design representing firsts in Turkey and in the world bringing together fashion, technology and art. Joining forces with the most well-established fashion school of the world, Esmod, Vakko Esmod Fashion Academy was founded in 2013 to raise professionals that will create the fashion industry of the future. Always signing firsts in the sector, Vakko became the first and only brand to provide fashion education in Turkey with Vakko Esmod Fashion Academy. Chosen among the top five prestigious brands of Turkey in 1996, Vakko became the first local brand to come to mind in luxury in a research by DORinsigth Research Company. Leader of Turkish fashion industry, Vakko Group now contains 10 separate store concepts under its roof. As of 2015, Vakko Group meets with fashion enthusiasts in 17 Vakko, 9 Outlet Vakko, 34 Vakko Boutique, 3 Vakko Home, 4 Vakko Wedding House, 2 Vakko Chocolate, 13 Vakkorama, 31 W Collection, 2 Vakko Mare, 2 Christofle, 4 Pronovias and V2K designers stores in Vakkos and 1 separate store in Nişantaşı. Vakko products are also sold in 63 provinces of Turkey over different sales channels.



Quality Management


Quality Management Systems are actively used in our Production Center since 2012. We had a portal custom made for us since we switched to QMDS Integrated Management System. However, we decided after the system has settled that the first portal did not meet our needs completely due to rush during the preparation of the documentation necessary for the needed certificates and the inexperience of being new in the field. Although our portal met our needs to access files, it had deficiencies in distribution of new prepared or revised documents. Additionally, we had problems in authorizing and printing documents in position or group basis. Apart from these, preparing and following Corrective and Preventive Actions and Audit Activities on paper added excessively to the work load of the Quality Management Representative. Upon meetings, we realized that we could reduce the work load on Business Development Unit preparing and following up the documents using an integrated quality management system that will meet our needs and Quality Management Representative managing quality systems. Then we researched successful companies with strong references in the field and assessed software.


Professionalism of Bimser employees was among the reasons we preferred them. The first thing to impress us was the more successful, clear and simple user interface compared to other competitors. Other features that were attractive to us were person or group based printing/viewing authority identified for documents and instant forwarding of revisions to the departments in the distribution list. In addition to all these, very easily monitored CPA and Audit Modules that progress systematically and easy to monitor were also attracted us. We also believe that using feedback from QDMS users to continuously improve the system is among the leading causes for the success of software. Apart from all these, professionalism of Bimser employees from the first meeting to the final training was another reason to choose them. It was fairly easy to transfer our former system to QDMS. After preparing our already prepared documents in a format suitable for transfer, we left the rest to QDMS transfer tools. We started adjusting folder authorities with all documents transferred into the system in a very short time.


We got quick and explanatory answers from Support Team to all our questions. During the solution process we researched into software used by other companies. Bimser was among the few companies we decided to try the products after the researches. Upon trial works with sales and product support teams of the companies, we listed the pros and cons of all software and selected Bimser with the highest weighed average score. It took approximately four months to implement the system by preparing the system and completing trainings. During this period we did not experience any serious problems. Only difficulty we had was the tiresome authority adjustment of the newly transferred documents as the number of documents was too high. During this period Bimser Support Team quickly answered to all our needs and questions. We asked any question significant or insignificant to Bimser over the support system from the transition stage until today. We got quick and explanatory answers to all our questions from the Support Team. As of today, we actively use

  • Document Transactions,
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • Audit Activities,
  • Action Management,
  • Management Review,
  • Device Management System,
  • OHS Risk Assessment,
  • Training Planning,
  • Environmental Aspects and Effects modules.

We aim to use functioning External Customer Complaints module as soon as possible integrated to our existing customer services software.