VESTEL Success Story




VESTEL started an organizational restructuring process to become top company in durable goods sector in 2012. Customer Services has been organized to provide more efficient customer

services organization, which is capable of responding to aftersales expectations of end users


Vestel has implemented base module, document management, audit activities, corrective and preventive actions and overall action modules of QDMS and integration with SAP systems including 3 separate SAP – HR systems has been provided.


QDMS implementation has provided to monitor, plan and report all of company’s internal audit, service audit, external audit. Meeting decisions, current status of their projects, including IT projects, as well as VESTEL customer service Projects and external projects managed with central organizations such as IT, Human Resources and Purchasing are now monitored under action management. Vestel customer services department has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 Standard Certificates



Vestel was looking for a product related to workflow management and required to manage processes for received and sent documents and manufacturing. Of-course the solution should be integrated with SAP. Providing mobility and having a web based application was very important for Vestel.


Vestel has started to use eBA Workflow and Document Management System. SAP integration has provided in one hour and also Active Directory and LDAP integration has been built-up.


The electronic documents management system complies with the standards and the corporation becomes very relieved in terms of official correspondences. The ready-to-install structure automatically and directly provides institutions and you do not really do a lot of work on them. End users can have access to eBA as long as they know their computer user names and passwords thanks to Single Sign-On. eBA provide quick process design feature even by the end users and ability to design screen form.

Material Master Data project has been launched and it is up and running.

Vestel started to do semi-finished material codes Based on certain rules and based on certain authorization flow. Manufacturing mold exit and sub-industry material exit process has been implemented and after related approval it is actually recorded on SAP ERP system.